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Interscan’s Halimeter® PLUS is a complete reimagining of the world’s most trusted and widely used instrument for the analysis and treatment of chronic halitosis.

An all-new electronics package features a 32-bit microprocessor to control all gas sensor functions. The field- proven electrochemical sensor is read using an eight input 24-bit low noise analog to digital converter. With microprocessor control, the sensor output can be compensated for any changes due to temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Likewise, microprocessor control enables flexibility in output and data storage. As such, a real-time graphics display is provided. The included 32GB SD card will store all the data you are likely to collect over an extended period—perfect for maintaining patient records. These data files can be exported to Excel for further analysis. We invite you to experience this best and very latest version of the Halimeter®: The Halimeter® PLUS.


As thousands of dentists have already discovered, managing your patients’ complaints of chronic halitosis with only empirical treatment (dispensing rinse and tongue scrapers) is not sufficient — for them or for you!

Chronic halitosis should be treated as any other dental problem, and a diagnostic work-up is essential. After all, fully 80 percent of patients who present with oral malodor will have a gum condition etiology. Within seconds, the Halimeter® PLUS can confirm the typical finding of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC — hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide) in the breath, produced by anaerobic bacteria on the tongue.

What if there is apparent oral malodor, but it does not originate in the mouth? Halimeter® PLUS testing of nasal air and lung air samples will localize the source, giving you the information you need for further work-up and patient referral. And, for those patients whom you diagnose as having the most common condition —tongue dorsum VSC derived chronic halitosis — the Halimeter® PLUS is your tool for monitoring the progress of treatment.


You know from your own experience that patients are much more likely to elect a treatment protocol in the first place, if they get unbiased feedback from a professional instrument in your office.
So, don’t just dispense mouth rinses and tongue scrapers. Practice evidence-based dentistry.
Ethically diagnose and treat chronic halitosis — with the Halimeter® PLUS.
Refer to our website for many published papers on the Halimeter® product line.