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Highly sensitive CO continuous analyzer CARBOLYZER mBA-2000 Breathe CO/Co2 Measurement System


  • High Sensitivity (Displays up to 0.1ppm of CO) and Fast Response Research Utility.
  • Can measure wide variety of expiration tests(direct/expiration bag/respirator circuit)
  • Measurements are not affected by anesthesia gas, highly dependable system.
  • Compact, light, and easy to use.
  • Measurements can be recorded according to your needs. (option)

Measurement(measures wide variety of expiration tests)

Direct Respiratory Insert a probe in the mouth and slowly breathe out.
Expiration Bag Retrieve readings from the Expiration Bag.
Respiratory Circuit Connection of probe( )to the respiratory circuit
Highly reliable data from suppresses breath air Breath suppressed time
Corresponds with COppm and COHb%


Measures Expiration and Air CO and CO2 simulative measurementt
Measurement Range Retrieve readings from the Expiration Bag
Measurement Principle Connection of probe( )to the respiratory circuit
Test Amount 200ml/min
Respond Time  
Display Method LCD Digital/ Current and minute average
Recording Method External connection / 0-1000
Power Source Battery/AC100V Adapter
Dimension 180(W)×164(D)×100(H)mm
Weight 2kg

Product Composition

Body mBA-200 1
AC Adapter/ Battery Charger 1
Expiration Bag 2
Alcohol removal tube 1
Gas tube 1m 1
Gas Filter 1
Interface 1
Manuel 1
PC software